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We invite you to stay with us!

What we offer to our Residents

Medical assistance can be sought at an outpatient care office, which is available round the clock. The Residents are visited by specialist doctors and by a family doctor. The Associated Nursing Homes provide access to an in-house massage therapist and a physiotherapist, who provide various rehabilitation services, also with the use of specialized equipment.

The Residents receive loving care from the very beginning of their stay at the Homes. To each of them a dedicated employee is assigned to whom the Resident can present his or her problems. In addition, nurses provide assistance in various activities. Occupational therapy specialist make efforts to organize the free time of the Residents, using specially adapted rooms for that purpose.

August is the month when a meeting with the families of our Residents – a Family Picnic – is held at our Homes. We also readily participate in all integration events to which we are invited. We understand that mentally impaired individuals need contact with other people, not only of the same age. Our Residents are never bored, unless they are willing to be. We offer plenty of possibilities to spend one’s free time.

The best way to find out what our Homes offer is to visit us and to see for yourself what they look like and what conditions are provided here. You can also seek information from the Director or from social workers. However, as we understand that not everyone has the possibility or time to pay us a visit, we would like to present our Homes to you.


buildings with a total floor space of 8,500 square meters (91,500 square feet)


hectares (30 acres) of fenced-off grounds


forms of therapy warsztaty i zajęcia


forms of rehabilitation modern rehabilitation equipment
Care provided round the clock

Care provided round the clock

For 24 hours per day we provide care to individuals who due to their age, health condition, disability or loneliness cannot live independently. We provide care and therapeutic services, medical and rehabilitation services, as well as services related to the activities of daily living.

Life at our Homes

Life at our Homes

We are open to extensive cooperation with local social welfare services responsible for a given Resident. The Residents’ affairs are discussed at meetings of a therapeutic team composed of the director, a social welfare employee, a psychologist, a coordinator responsible for care and nursing matters, a physiotherapist and an occupational therapy instructor.

Partnerska relacja

Partnerska relacja

Organizacja życia w ZDPS opiera się na partnerskiej relacji mieszkańcy – pracownicy. Wyjazdy do rodzin oraz wyjścia muszą być realizowane zgodnie z życzeniami Mieszkańców. Jedyne ograniczenia stosuje się do osób z zanikami pamięci lub sądownie ubezwłasnowolnionych.

Become familiar with our Homes

Opinie Mieszkańców

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Our Residents

Our house can accommodate up to 354 Residents and it is a true home for our Residents. The female Resident who has been staying with us for the longest time arrived here in 1965. The male Resident who has been living at the Associated Nursing Homes for the longest time came here in 1966. 13 Residents have been living here for more than 30 years, and 25 individuals have been staying with us for 20 to 30 years. 80 individuals have been our Residents for 10 to 20 years. 153 Residents have been here for 1 to 10 years.

for elderly people 74miejsc
physically disabled individuals 100miejsc
physically disabled individuals 80miejsc
chronically somatically ill persons 100miejsc
Location of our Homes

Infrastructure at our Nursing Homes

The Associated Nursing Homes in Wieleń are a complex of three- and four-storey buildings with lifts and numerous facilities for those less fit, such as ramps, wheelchairs, handrails and additional equipment.

At the Associated Nursing Homes run by the Franciscan Sisters of the Family of Mary in Wieleń there are an in-house kitchen and a bakery, which enable us to provide comprehensive catering services (including breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, and supper). The meals are adjusted to the requirements of diets prescribed by the family doctor.

A laundry is available on the premises of the Associated Nursing Homes. The Residents have daily access to efficient occupational therapy services. Anyone can report issues to the managers of particular departments, and specialists employed for that purpose respond to the needs of the Residents.

An old park with an area of 2.56 hectares (6.32 acres)

On the premises of the Associated Nursing Homes there is an old park with numerous walking alleys, fountains and a pond. It is a very nice and quiet place, ideal for leisure and recreation.

Day care rooms, a library, rehabilitation rooms, etc.

The Residents have at their disposal a day care room, living rooms, leisure annexes, kitchenettes, dining rooms, a library, a family doctor’s office, rehabilitation rooms, occupational therapy rooms, terraces along the residential rooms and a garden where the Residents can cultivate their own flower or vegetable beds as a part of occupational therapy.The premises are surrounded with a large old park with numerous walking alleys.

Rooms for 2 or more occupants

The rooms are fully furnished with furniture, audio and video equipment, cordlesslandline and cellular phones. A bathroom is adjacent to each room.

On the premises of the Associated Nursing Homes there is also a chapel where believers can participate in religious services celebrated by a chaplain.The buildings, the rooms and the surroundings are adapted to the needs of the Residents. Architectural barriers have been removed and relevant handles, handrails, ramps and wide passages have been installed and constructed.In the buildings there are lifts adapted to the needs of disabled persons.They are equipped with a call and alarm system and a fire alarm system.

7 forms of therapy / 5 therapists


Occupational therapy is the use of various purposeful and planned manual, intellectual and leisure activities for increasing the physical and mental fitness of a person.The activities are selected in such a way that their outcome is an improvement in a deteriorated function of the participant’s body, or a positive impact onhis or her mental condition.

The above are only some examples from amongst the wide range of occupational therapy activities available to our Residents.

Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy

The forms of occupational therapy applied at the Associated Nursing Home include:

  • bedside therapy
  • music therapy
  • manual therapy
  • ergotherapy
  • sports and leisure activities
  • bibliotherapy
  • psychotherapy

The Residents may also take part in individual therapeutic activities, such as playing gamesin the day care room, solving crosswords or puzzles, going for walks, undergoing audiovisual stimulation,or reading press or books.

Therapeutic events

Therapeutic events

Multiple events of great therapeutic significance are held at the Associated Nursing Homes.Amongst them there are:

  • competitions: Play With Us, Name That Tune, Quiz Game
  • thematic talks
  • Journey of the Three Kings
  • dancing parties
  • Family Picnics
  • Nativity play
  • occasional events, for example held in relation to the Grandmother’s or Grandfather’s Day
  • giving, over a wire broadcasting system, wishes to Residents celebrating special occasions
  • summer sports games
10 forms of rehabilitation / 2 dedicated rooms


The Residents have at their disposal a total of 18 types of rehabilitation devices including:


stationary bicycles


table for manual exercise




massage chair


massage table


Universal ExerciseUnit


electrotherapy machine


sonotherapy machine

Permanent medical care

Medical care

Life at the Associated Nursing Homes is organized based on a partnership between the Residents and the employees.Visits to families and other outings need to be organized according to the Residents’ will.Limitations apply only to those with memory lapses and those whom a court declared legally incapacitated.Upon the first arrival at the Associated Nursing Homes each Resident is examined by a family doctor. A general medical interview is conducted, which gives a possibility to become familiar with the previously applied treatment, its course and efficiency, and provides the doctor with clues as to further therapy.If necessary, the Residents can use the services of specialist doctors or receive hospital treatment.

Our Residents are provided with orthopedic aids and equipment, such as wheelchairs, walking frames, crutches, pressure relief mattresses, cleaning agents and medicines that are kept locked up and are administered by medical staff only.

A family doctor and qualified medical personnel provide medical care round the clock.At the Associated Nursing Homes there are rehabilitation rooms, a treatment room and an outpatient care office.

Opieka medyczna

Opieka medyczna

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