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World Championship Sled Dog Race

 On Friday the 24th and Saturday the 25th of November, we had an opportunity to take part in an extraordinary event held in a small village of Koźle near Szamotuły.
 It was a World Championship Sled Dog Race, the first competition of such a great importance organized in Poland. The contenders representing 30 countries arrived from the most distant parts of the world, together with more than 1,500 dogs. Polish mushers won as many as 5 medals, including gold, silver and bronze ones.
 We had some incredible time, despite inclement weather. Instead of beautiful white snow there were torrents of cold rain and ubiquitous mud. Those terrible conditions made us realize the huge amount of effort that both the competitors and the animals had to put into their struggle against the forces of nature.
  That also encouraged us, the residents of the Associated Nursing Homes, to overcome our own weaknesses and the obstacles put in our way by our disabilities or by other adversities.
  But what moved us most was probably the contenders’ attitude towards their dogs. After the competition was finished, the exhausted mushers did not think about themselves. They first of all took care of their animals. They watered and fed the dogs, and provided them with all that was necessary after such a strenuous effort. The bonds between them, the mutual understanding and the extraordinary friendship are really enviable. And it’s only a shame that media did not give much coverage to the event. Not everybody could watch the races live, and they were really worth seeing. So, we wish every success to all the contenders and we thank them for the wonderful experiences we had during the Championship.